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Digitise your photos with a free storage device!

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The best resolution for scanning your photos, depends primarily on what you want to do with the scanned image. Would you like to view them on your computer, make a photo book or maybe print a particularly beautiful motif on canvas? We are happy to advise you on the right resolution for your project!

From 600 up to 1,200 dpi – the best resolution for scanning your pictures

Over the past decades, you have taken many pictures: of day trips and holidays, of family celebrations and your children’s first steps. You probably only have a vague idea of how old your oldest prints actually are, but you know that their age is showing more and more every single day.

They are faded, have colour casts or have been otherwise damaged over the years. Before these special memories are lost forever, you want to have your photos digitised. But which resolution is best for you?

Scanning photos – Dpi

600, 900 or 1,200 dpi – these are the three quality levels available for scanning photos at MEDIAFIX. Dpi stands for “dots per inch”. That means this is the number of pixels that are captured on one inch (2.54cm) when scanning photos. It is often said that the higher the dpi value, the sharper the digital image. To speak of image sharpness would not be entirely correct, because if the original photo is already blurred, this will not change when being scanned. But the higher the dpi value when scanning photos, the more image information is scanned from the original, the loss of information is reduced and the finished image file can be enlarged further without the individual pixels becoming visible to the naked eye and the image being “pixelated”.

Scan photos at 600 dpi: For solid detailed enlargements and presentations

If you have basic demands on the quality of your digitised photos, a resolution of 600 dpi is recommended. This already enables detailed enlargements and is particularly suitable for special photos that you would like to present as decorative wall pictures. A scanned photo measuring 10x15cm at 600 dpi results in an image size of 2,362 x 3,543 pixels and makes it easy to enlarge and print. At MEDIAFIX, we digitise photos at 600 dpi for as little as 17p per image in our Standard+ quality level.

Die MEDIAFIX-Standard+-Qualität mit 600 dpi
The MEDIAFIX Standard+ quality at 600 dpi

Scanning photos at 900 dpi: For higher demands

A resolution of 900 dpi is recommended for photos that need to fulfil higher requirements for enlargements and presentations. With this quality, you can easily enlarge sections and impressively present your photos on Full HD televisions, high-resolution PC screens or projectors. With photo prints in standard format (10x15cm), it is possible to create wall pictures up to A3 format. The scanned images then have a resolution of 3,543 x 5,315 pixels. The photo scan in 900 dpi is available in our Premium quality from just 27p per image.

Die MEDIAFIX-Standard+-Qualität mit 600 dpi
The MEDIAFIX Premium quality at 900 dpi

Scan photos at 1,200 dpi: The best quality for professional purposes

For the highest demands on the quality of your photos, a resolution of 1,200 dpi is the best solution. This not only enables problem-free enlargements, but also professional editing of your digitised photos. With 1,200 dpi, you can present your photos on 4K televisions, high-resolution PC screens or projectors in impressive detail. For photos in standard format (10x15cm), you receive a digitised image of 4,724 x 7,087 pixels, which even enables wall pictures up to DIN A2 format. We digitise photos in highend quality with 1,200 dpi from 37p per image. This gives you the best quality for demanding applications.

Die MEDIAFIX-Standard+-Qualität mit 600 dpi
The MEDIAFIX Highend quality at 1,200 dpi

Having your photos scanned and printed: Everything is possible with MEDIAFIX Moments

If you want to have your photos scanned and afterwards printed as a poster, you don’t need to struggle looking for a different provider. At MEDIAFIX we not only scan your pictures, but also offer to print your scanned pictures in different formats and onto different materials. With MEDIAFIX Moments you can choose between classic canvas, modern acrylic glass or even individual photo gifts.

Fotos scannen und Wandbilder drucken lassen

Save memories with MEDIAFIX

Don’t let old age destroy your photographs, stop putting up with fading and colour casts. Have your photos scanned today and give your memories a bright future.

Thanks to scanning technology developed in-house, MEDIAFIX is able to offer you a best-price-guarantee.

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Price per scan
up to 500 photos
501-1.500 photos 24p
1.501-2.500 photos 21p
from 2.501 photos 17p
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