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Free storage deviceSpring is here! The days are getting longer, the sun is giving off warm light and nature is awakening to new life. Scan photos to digital today so that your favourite memories can also be brought back to life!

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Price per scan
up to 500 photos
501-1,500 photos 24p
1,501-2,500 photos 21p
from 2,501 photos 17p
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Scan photos to digital:
Your benefits

  • Best-price-guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • All photo formats up to A3
  • Photo scans with up to 1,200 dpi
  • Photos on DVD, USB drive or as digital download


Fast processing and attention to detail. Excellent result. Thank you!

Tracey J Evans

Fotos scannen bei MEDIAIFX2.5 minutes for one photo scan: This is how much time it takes for doing it by yourself. In addition, high quality requires an expensive scanner. You can save your time and money: MEDIAFIX is the market leader for scanning photos and converts your photos to digital starting at 10p per photo – with best-price-guarantee.

Having your pictures scanned doesn’t have to be expensive. Due to our self-developed scan technology we always can provide the lowest price for scanning your paper photos. This is what we will promise with our best-price-guarantee. Starting at 10p per photo we will save your memories in an excellent image quality.

If you want, you can compare our prices with other scanning providers and convince yourself. You’ll see: MEDIAFIX is the perfect photo scanning service for you, since we use advanced technologies to produce on our own.

  • Digitise old photos at the market leader
  • Personal advice by phone, e-mail or on-site
  • Paper photos on DVD, USB drive or as digital download
  • Perfect colours by post-processing at MEDIAFIX

Photo scanning – overview of your benefits:

Price-performance: Best-price-guarantee
Quality: Quality commitments
Advice: By phone or e-mail
Delivery: By post
Storage: Paper photos on DVD, USB drive or as digital download

Like all old analogue pictures and films, also paper photos are limited in durability. Especially the photo paper that was produced in the 80’s and 90’s has a bad quality. In addition, you can’t repair the damage that occurs.

Have your old pictures scanned now, since your pictures are in danger:

  • With time your pictures start to fade out or colour casts show.
  • Light boosts these effects. But even if you store the pictures in the dark, quality of all the colours will decrease.*
  • Especially black and white pictures become yellowish and unrepresentable.
  • Keeping on to view the pictures time after time will damage the photos. Finger prints, stains, scratches, tears and crincles are the result.
  • Printed and framed pictures on your walls will fade out even faster, if they are exposed to the sunlight.

*(Source: Wilhelm, Henry (1993): The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs)

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Photo digitisation saves your memories so they can be viewed by future generations. There are also many new uses for your digitised memories.

Digitise photos and present them in a new way

  • Digitally on the TV, PC or beamer. That old photo is so small that you can barely make out anything on it? Not anymore: View your pictures comfortably together with the whole family in the living room – on your TV, instead of huddled over a photo album.
  • Design photo books and photo gifts. Design digital photo books just the way you want them and have them professionally bound – a gift that’s sure to go down well with your loved ones and bring you real joy, too. This way you can display new and old shots in one book. Photo gifts such as printed mugs, T-shirts or smartphone cases can also make life more colourful. No problem thanks to the digitisation of your old photos.
  • Create prints on modern materials. You would like to have the small black and white picture of your parents’ wedding on canvas in your living room? Or the colour-intensive 9×13 print from your Thailand vacation in large format under classy acrylic glass? With your photo scans, you can make even small motifs big.

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How does digitising at MEDIAFIX work?

Converting photos to digital at MEDIAFIX is really easy:

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How can I deliver my paper photos?

You can deliver your photos by post. Just send them to the following address:

MEDIAFIX Logistics Centre
AMCO Park, Acanthus Road
B98 9EX

What photos sizes can I have digitised?

At MEDIAFIX, you can have all photos digitised up to A4 format.

For photos larger than A4 format, please call our customer service or make a note in the request process.

Which resolution is the right one for me?

At MEDIAFIX you can convert your old pictures to digital with a resolution between 600 dpi and 1,200 dpi. If you’re not sure about what resolution is the right one for you, you should consider your purposes. This will make it easier for your decision what resolution you really need:

» Scan photos with 600 dpi
You want a solid resolution? Then you should choose a scan resolution of 600 dpi. This allows you to

  • print them in double size
  • present your photo scans on a HD TV, high-resolution computer displays or a digital projector

» Scan photos with 900 dpi
Do you have higher demands for your photos? Then 900 dpi is the right choice for you. With this you can

  • enlarge image details without any problems
  • present your photo scans on a Full HD TV, high-resolution computer displays or a digital projector
  • create wall prints up to DIN A3 format

» Scan photos with 1,200 dpi
Do you want the best for your photos? With 1,200 dpi, you don’t have to compromise. With this you can

  • enlarge image details without any problems
  • edit your digitised photos in a professional way
  • present your photo scans on a 4K TV, high-resolution computer displays or a digital projector
  • create wall prints up to DIN A2 format

What does it cost to have my old phototographs scanned?

MEDIAFIX digitises your photos starting at 10p per photo. With our best-price-guarantee we promise that you always will benefit from the lowest price at similar resolution and quantity.

Our prices in an overview:

Resolution up to 500 photos 501 – 1,500 photos 1,501 – 2,500 photos from 2,501 photos
Standard+ (600 dpi) 30p 24p 21p 17p
Premium (900 dpi) 40p 34p 31p 27p
Highend (1,200 dpi) 50p 44p 41p 37p
Microtek scan (2,400 dpi) £4.70 £4.50 £4.30 £4.10

Do I have to pre-sort my photos?

No, this will not be necessary.

Is the order of my photos maintained?

Yes, of course we will maintain your order in the scanning process. Also you only pay for the exact amount of photos you delivered.

Can I also have my photo albums scanned?

Yes, if you want to scan photo albums to digital, you can find further information here.

Some of my photos are badly damaged. Can I still have them digitised?

Yes. MEDIAFIX can also restore and digitise images that are already badly damaged.

In which file format will my digitised photos be saved?

By default, we save your digitised photos in JPG format. For special requirements, storage in TIFF format is also possible.

What is the best way to pack up my photos?

Envelopes, paper photo bags, or plastic sleeves that loosely hold photos are best for digitising.

You still have any questions concerning photo scans?

We will gladly give individual advice! Just call us or start your non-binding online request with the contact form. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. at our phone number 020 3904438-0.

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