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Digitise your business cards with a free storage device!

Free storage deviceSpring is here! The days are getting longer, the sun is giving off warm light and nature is awakening to new life. Scan business cards to digital today so that your favourite memories can also be brought back to life!

We've got a gift for you! Take benefit and you’ll receive a free storage device for your digitised business cards. The promotion has been extended and is valid until 23/05/2024.

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Basic Premium
Price per scan 79p £1.29
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  • Business cards on USB drive or as digital download

Very good communication. Great quality of the digital copy. Quick and efficient

Jerome Attali

Why should I have my business cards scanned?

Visitenkarten und SmartphoneYou know how it is: you usually don’t have important contacts at hand when you need them. They often lie dormant as business cards in the desk drawer or neatly filed away in folders intended for this purpose. Often they are misplaced and can no longer be found.
At a trade fair a few years ago, you asked for advice about a trip to Australia and took the travel agent’s business card with you. Now you want to book a trip and remember the competent contact person. But what was his name again? And which company did he work for? The search begins.

That’s over now, because MEDIAFIX digitises all your business cards! We provide them to you as vCard, CSV and Excel files, which you can conveniently and easily save on your smartphone or PC. With a click, you can then automatically add the contacts to your phone contacts.


Your benefits at MEDIAFIX

  • You always carry all your contacts on your smartphone.
  • Typing out business cards is extremely tedious and time-consuming, especially for larger quantities.
  • Easy to add to your phone contacts with a click.
  • Easily share contacts with others.


Digitalisierte Visitenkarten auf dem Smartphone


The packages at a glance

Basic Premium
What is scanned? Front
Data takeover up to 15 data sets
Manual error correction Name, e-mail address Name, e-mail-address,
company, address,
phone number,
Takeover of handwritten notes no yes
Output format vCard, CSV und Excel
Price per scan 79p £1.29


How you get your scanned business cards back

MEDIAFIX provides you with your business cards with all their information as vCard, CSV and Excel files. vCard is an “electronic business card” that you can add directly to your phone contacts on your smartphone or e-mail programme with a click. Depending on the package booked, MEDIAFIX takes over all the data on the card. Even handwritten notes are no problem for us. We provide you with the digital business cards via USB stick or as digital download. Of course, you will also receive your original business cards back.

Visitenkarten scannen lassenInexpensive scanners and apps often lead to faulty and unsatisfying scan results and require extensive post-processing. MEDIAFIX delivers these to you error-free and, if necessary, with an attached LinkedIn profile (the Basic package does not include manual error correction). In addition, we give you our best price guarantee.


Costs for business card scanning

The purchase costs for a high-quality business card scanner quickly amount to several hundred euros. Add to this the time you would have to invest in scanning them yourself – this can quickly add up to several weeks for a large collection. With MEDIAFIX, on the other hand, you can get a business card scan for as little as 79p / business card.


MEDIAFIX is convincing

MEDIAFIX gibt Bester-Preis-Garantie

Scanning your business cards yourself is time-consuming and not convincing in terms of quality. Don’t be annoyed by poor results and wasted time: MEDIAFIX will scan your business cards for you.

Benefit now from our best price guarantee. At MEDIAFIX you can get scans of your business cards for as little as 79p per piece.

Scanned business cards make a lot of things easier for you: your contacts are clearly arranged, available at any time and you can easily share them with colleagues and family.

Give yourself, your family and your friends a great treat and have your business cards scanned at MEDIAFIX. Competent, high-quality and affordable.

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