Delivery time

How long it takes to digitise your media

Our normal processing time takes about six weeks. Over 90% of all orders can be done in less time (two to four weeks). For single orders the processing time can take a little longer due to high demand. You can get more information from our customer service at 020 3904438-0 or info (at)

Please note: Return after payment

When your order is finally processed, you’ll receive an e-mail with the invoice. You have to pay bank transfer in advance. After receipt of payment we will send your media back to you immediately as an insured parcel.

Business hours:
10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Short request

Please tell us your phone number so we can give you free and individual advice.
We use your data to generate your order form and will send it to you. Please also take notice of our privacy policy and promotion terms. A contract is concluded as soon as we receive your media including your signed order form.

Customer reviews


Very good communication. Great quality of the digital copy. Quick and efficient