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Have Video 8 digitised or transfer Video 8 to PC yourself?

Table of contents

Have Video 8 converted or convert to digital by yourself?

How can I convert Video 8 to tapes to digital by myself?

What does it cost to transfer Video 8 to digital by myself?

Can I digitise Video 8 without a camcorder?

How much storage space do I need to convert Video 8 to digital?

Where can I have Video 8 tapes converted?

Have Video 8 converted or convert to digital by yourself?

This decision you will have to make. Convert your Video 8 tapes by yourself, if you have the technical knowledge and have enough time and patience. Ideally you still have a functioning camcorder.

The more cassettes you have, the more it makes sense to buy the required equipment. The more tapes you have, the more time you will need to convert your collection to digital, since the digitising process is done in real-time. If you transfer your Video 8 to your computer at home, it also has the advantage that you don’t have to give them out of hand.

You should have your Video 8 tapes converted with the help of a professional provider, if you

  • want to spend your free time in another way
  • don’t have the required technical knowledge
  • have many different cassette types

You will get detailed personal advice, can choose from additional services and receive back your converted Video 8 on video DVD or as MP4 file on a hard disk.

Convert Video 8 to digital by yourself Having Video 8 converted at MEDIAFIX
Time to invest much not much
Costs high starting at £5.99/tape
Effort high low
Technical know-How low to high high


How can I convert Video 8 tapes to digital by myself?

Video 8 mit Video Grabber digitalisieren
Video Grabber

These gadgets, cables and software are required:

  • Camcorder
  • PC with USB connection (2.0 or higher)
  • USB video grabber incl. software
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Video editing software

You have these options, if you don’t own a camcorder:

  • Buy a used camcorder, e.g. on eBay
  • Have Video 8 converted at a professional provider


Convert Video 8 with a camcorder and video grabber: How it works

  1. Install the video grabber software.
  2. Connect the video grabber to the computer via USB.
  3. Connect the external hard disk to your computer.
  4. Connect your S-Video or Cinch cable to your camcorder.
  5. Insert the Video 8 cassette into the camcorder and rewind the tape.
  6. Start up the video grabber software.
  7. Play the recording on the camcorder.
  8. If the Video 8 video is at its end, stop the software.
  9. Save the converted video as MP4, AVI or MOV file.
  10. Export the file into a video editing program.
  11. You can now edit the file or even export single sequences from a cassette.


Which file format do I need for Video 8 digitisation?

The file format depends on your needs concerning the converted Video 8 recordings:

Use/device File format
DVD player MPEG 2
Apple devices MP4, MOV
Windows devices MP4, AVI
Media player MP4, FLV, AVI


Convert Video 8 to digital by yourself: The expense

Hard-/software Video 8 digitization Costs
Camcorder £50.00 – £150.00
USB video grabber incl. software £20.00
500 GB hard disk £35.00 – £60.00
Video editing software £0.00 – £50.00
Total £105.00 – £280.00


Converting Video 8 by yourself is expensive in time and patience

If you intend to transfer Video 8 to your hard disk or USB, you should not only consider the financial aspect, but also the expense in time. Video 8 tapes are digitised in real time. This means that the recordings are converted in a normal playback speed. If you have a large amount of Video 8 tapes, the digitisation process will require a lot of time.

Don’t also forget about post-processing. Installing and setting up editing software can result in a big challenge, especially for beginners. Every converted Video 8 video has to be cut, renamed correctly and saved appropriate. If you want to transfer Video 8 to DVD, you will also have to keep this step in mind.


Can I digitise Video 8 without a camcorder?

Yes. There are Video 8 recorders that can play and digitise Video 8 tapes without a camcorder. Unfortunately these gadgets are only available from Sony in a used condition for about 200 to £600. A purchase will not really be worth it, since used camcorders are less expensive. The Video 8 digitisation process with such a recorder and a camcorder is identical. For this a video grabber is required as well in order to transfer your Video 8 tapes to a hard disk. To wrap things up, converting Video 8 without a camcorder is possible, but not practical.


How much storage space do I need to convert Video 8 to digital?

For a duration of an hour you should calculate on 15 GB storage space.

Duration Video 8 tape Required storage space
60 minutes 15 GB
90 minutes 22.5 GB
180 minutes 45 GB


Where can I have Video 8 tapes converted?

Have your Video 8 tapes converted to digital at MEDIAFIX. We professionally transfer your Video 8 to video DVD or hard disk, starting at £5.99/tape and with our best-price-guarantee.


Convert Video 8 tapes to digital: This is how it works

  1. Start a request, print your order form and sign it
  2. Pack up your Video 8 tapes and the order form and bring the package to the post
  3. Lean back
  4. Get back converted Video 8 on DVD or hard disk
  5. Invite family and friends to a movie night
  6. Enjoy


Video 8 on DVD

Saving your converted Video 8 tapes on video DVD is included in the price at MEDIAFIX. You can then easily play your Video 8 recordings on your DVD player or the DVD drive of your computer. For every single tape you will get a DVD and a case, which also has the labeling of your original Video 8 cassette.


Video 8 on USB drive or hard disk

If you want to edit your Video 8 recordings and cut them, we recommend saving the converted Video 8 as MP4 files. You can choose this option for an extra charge. The files are saved on an USB drive or hard disk. You can either send us your own storage device or buy one during the order process.

Our condition for converting Video 8 in an overview

Service\Amount up to 3 4-10 11-25 26-50 from 51
up to 90 mins
£11.99 £9.99 £8.99 £6.99 £5.99
Extended length
bis 180 Min.
0p 0p 0p 0p 0p
Extended length
up to 240 mins
0p 0p 0p 0p 0p
Saving as MP4 file £2.99 £2.99 £2.99 £2.99 £2.99
Cutting charge £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

Just send your Video 8 tapes to us by post.

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Price per Video 8 tape
up to 3 tapes
4 to 10 tapes £9.99
11 to 25 tapes £8.99
26 to 50 tapes £6.99
from 51 tapes £5.99
All prices include legal VAT. Shipping costs will be added. Take notice of our promotion terms here.

Prices are valid up to a duration of 90 minutes. We charge for the actual length of the recordings including gaps, not for the total capacity of the cassette.
Extra charge for extended lengths:
up to 180 minutes: 0p
up to 240 minutes: 0p

We also convert:

Cassette type starting at
VHS / VHS-C / MiniDV £5.99
Hi8 / Digital8 £5.99
Betacam / Betamax £10.99
S-VHS / S-VHS-C £10.99
Video 2000 / U-Matic £20.99

You can also just start a request for these cassettes on this page.

Turn Video 8 to digital:
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