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Convert reel to reel to MP3 with a free storage device!

Free storage deviceSpring is here! The days are getting longer, the sun is giving off warm light and nature is awakening to new life. Convert reel to reel tapes to digital today so that your favourite memories can also be brought back to life!

We've got a gift for you! Take benefit and you’ll receive a free storage device for your digitised recording tapes. The promotion has been extended and is valid until 23/05/2024.

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Price per recording tapes
up to 3 reels
4 to 10 reels £9.99
11 to 25 reels £8.99
26 to 50 reels £6.99
from 51 reels £5.99
All prices include legal VAT. Shipping costs will be added. Take notice of our promotion terms here.

Prices are valid up to a duration of 60 minutes. We charge for the actual length of the recordings including gaps, not for the total capacity of the tape.
Extra charge for extended lengths:
up to 90 minutes: £2.50
up to 120 minutes: £5.00

Transfer reel to reel to digital:
Your benefits

  • Best-price-guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • Take over of your tape labels
  • Save on CD or as MP3 file
  • Digitisation of your desired cut-out (optional)


Very good communication. Great quality of the digital copy. Quick and efficient

Jerome Attali

Converting reel to reel to CD requires technical know-how, a playback device, your computer and suitable software. Apart from that there are also extra gadgets for this that unfortunately are far more expensive than having it done by professionals.

Save your time and money: MEDIAFIX is the market leader for digitising and converts your reel to reel audio tapes starting at £5.99 for each reel – with best-price-guarantee.

It pays off to convert recording tapes at MEDIAFIX: We convert your reel to reel tapes low-priced – this is what we will promise with our best-price-guarantee. We convert reel to reel to CD or to MP3 starting at £5.99 for each reel. 

If you want, you can compare our prices with other scanning providers and convince yourself. You’ll see: MEDIAFIX is the perfect converting service for you, since we use advanced technologies to produce on our own.

Our price for converting your recording tapes includes:

  • converting your tapes up to 60 minutes in excellent quality
  • taking on labelings up to 20 character
  • Transfer reel to reel audio tape at the market leader
  • Personal advice by phone or e-mail
  • Free taking on labelings

Reel to reel audio tape conversion – overview of your benefits:

Price-performance: Best-price-guarantee
Quality: Quality commitments
Advice: By phone or e-mail
Delivery: By post
Storage: Recording tapes on CD or USB drive
Service: Free taking on labelings up to 20 characters

Do you still have recording tapes with self-recorded music or even private recordings of your family and friends? Then you own a great rarity! The first playback gadgets for these kind of tapes existed in the 50s.

Several historical moments were held on recording tapes. What is on your tapes? Is it old stories from your father? Or even your first attempts to speak when you were a child?

Find it out by having your old recording tapes converted to MP3 or CD!


Why you should have your old recording tapes converted:

  • With time the tape dissolves und leads to problems while playing
  • No playback device
  • The quality decreases when playing the tape over and over
  • Improper storage can destroy your audio cassettes


New possibilities for your recording tapes:

  • Receive your recording tapes as MP3 files – playable on nearly every device
  • Share the files with family and friends all over the world
  • Archive your collection
  • Create new playlists

Converting recording tapes is the only way to save them from total loss. Don’t wait any longer! MEDIAFIX converts your recording tapes starting at £5.99.

What does it cost to have my recording tapes converted at MEDIAFIX?

MEDIAFIX converts your recording tapes starting at £5.99 per cassette. With our best-price-guarantee we promise that you will always get the lowest price for converting recording tapes.

How can I deliver my reel to reel audio tapes?

You can deliver your recording tapes by post. Just send them to the following address:

MEDIAFIX Logistics Centre
AMCO Park, Acanthus Road
B98 9EX

How are my converted recording tapes saved?

We transfer your reel to reel audio tape to MP3. You can select the reel to reel to cd conversion or have your MP3 files saved on an USB drive or on a hard disk if the files are too large in size.

Are the labelings of my recording tapes taken on?

Yes, up to 20 characters we take on your labelings for free.

Do I get back my analogue recording tapes?

Yes. You also will receive back your cassettes as delivered.

The tape of my reel is torn. Can I still have it converted to digital?

Yes. We can fix it without any decrease in quality. For an extra charge of £15.00 per reel we repair up to three tears.

How does converting reel to reel tapes at MEDIAFIX work?

Converting your reel to reel audio tapes at MEDIAFIX is easy:

  1. Start your request and print your order form
  2. Pack your cassettes, add the signed order form and bring the package to the post
  3. We convert your recording tapes according to your wishes
  4. Pay your order & receive back your converted recording tapes on CD or USB drive
  5. Enjoy

You still have any questions concerning reel to reel digitisation?

Additional information is listed in our FAQ. Apart from that we also give individual advice! Just call us or start your non-binding online request with the contact form. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. at our phone number 020 3904438-0.

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