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How does a drum scanner work?

In this second part of our scanner series, we at MEDIAFIX would like to explain a type of scanner that may be new to you. Previously, we have already explained the general functioning of a scanner. You are also already familiar with the common flatbed scanner. Now it gets a little more special.

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Presenting slides: Slide projector and video projector in comparison

Most people still have old slides in their house, usually in the cellar or attic. The photos record trips, weddings, birthday parties and other special events. For a long time, slides were the only way to preserve memories and to look at them again and again with friends and family. The necessary technology for presenting slides back then was the slide projector, which was used to throw the pictures onto the wall. But hardly anyone owns a slide projector today. What is the best way to present slides today? The beamer is a good choice. This article gives a brief overview of the slide projector and the beamer and tells you which technology is more suitable for presenting slides.

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Old photos on DVD, USB drive and hard drive

Your old photos, slides and negatives are piling up in your cellar, attic and storeroom? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all these memories in digital form? Finally be able to reminisce about old memories and share the digital pictures with friends and acquaintances? MEDIAFIX is your ideal partner in this case and will transfer your old photos to DVD, CD, USB stick or hard drive.
Read all about our storage options in the following article.

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What is the difference between slides, negatives and photos?

Anyone who took photographs more than 15 years ago – even before digital photography became popular – is sure to still have them at home: slides, negatives and photos. Many memories were captured on these photographic media and it is still fun today to look at them and reminisce about old memories. But what exactly is the difference between these three picture materials? The following article will answer this question in detail.

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