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Price per negative
up to 500 negatives
501-1.500 negatives 24p
1.501-2.500 negatives 21p
from 2.501 negatives 17p
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Turn negatives to digital:
Your benefits

  • Best-price-guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Proven customer satisfaction
  • All slide formats and magazine types
  • Professional image inversion
  • All formats and film types
  • Negative scans with up to 6,200 dpi
  • Negatives on DVD, USB drive or as digital download


Perfect service, could not wish for more

Pam Scherly

2.5 minutes for one negative scan: This is how much time it takes for doing it by yourself. In addition, high quality requires an expensive scanner. You can save your time and money: MEDIAFIX is the market leader for digitizing photo negatives and converts your negatives to digital starting at 17p per negative – with best-price-guarantee.

It pays off to scan negatives at MEDIAFIX: If you convert your negatives to digital at MEDIAFIX, you will benefit from the lowest price – this is what we will promise with our best-price-guarantee. We turn negatives into digital starting at 17p. Of course, you will get your precious memories back in an excellent image quality.

If you want, you can compare our prices with other scanning providers and convince yourself. You’ll see: MEDIAFIX is the perfect negative scanning service for you, since we use advanced technologies to produce on our own.

Our price for transfering your negatives to digital includes:

  • Negative scanning in 4,250 dpi: We convert negatives to digital photos with a resolution of at least 4,250 dpi
  • Automatic tone curve correction: For better colour reproduction our negative scans get an automatic tone curve correction. This is especially for the orange colour cast of negatives.
  • Saving as JPG: We save your negatives as JPG files. This format allows you to view your digitised slides on any device, e. g. your computer, tablet or smartphone.

For an average order of 1,000 negatives in Standard+ quality with a resolution of 4,250 dpi, storage on an USB drive and optional image rotation, MEDIAFIX charges 24p per negative. Our competition is often significantly more expensive.

  • Convert your slides to digital at the market leader
  • Personal advice by phone or e-mail
  • We scan all negatives formats and negative film types
  • Perfect colours by Premium-inversion via raw data
  • Negatives onto DVD, USB drive or as digital download

Negative to digital – overview of your benefits:

Price-performance: Best-price-guarantee
Quality: Quality commitments
Advice: By phone or e-mail
Delivery: By post
Formats: All types of formats and films
Storage: Negatives to DVD, USB drive or as digital download

Do you still have old negatives of special moments with your family? Birthdays and other occasions, even vacations used to be held on negatives and given to development. But not all paper photos still remain and often they are faded out or are damaged. The negatives may be left, but they also won’t last forever! In fact, negatives start to show signs of age after already 20 years*. Having your negatives scanned is the best way to save them.

*Source: Wilhelm, Henry (1993): The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs

Why you should have your negatives digitised

  • Color fadings: Fading colors are the first sign of age. Saturation and brilliance will lessen.
  • Color casts: Material starts to change with time. This leads to color casts, which means that colors start to shift in a certain direction.
  • No optimal storage conditions: Negatives should be stored quite cool. Often this is not possible, which is why they will fade faster.
  • Crincles and scratches: When you view or resort your negatives, they can easily get damaged.

Viewing negatives as they are isn’t really fun. The image is too small and you can’t see the correct colors. Thats’s why they are stored away for years.

You receive your negatives back as an inverted image. This brings back many possibilities:

  • Share your negative scans with your friends and family in the whole world.
  • Easily enjoy your scans on TV, tablet or a projector.
  • Duplicate your negatives as much as you want: Create several backup copies.
  • Archive the recordings of your and your family’s life like you want to.
  • Design and give away special pictures as a photo gift.
  • Print your shots as a high-quality wall print.

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What does it cost to convert film negatives to digital at MEDIAFIX?

MEDIAFIX transfers negatives to digital starting at 17p. With our best-price-guarantee we promise that you always will benefit from the lowest price at similar resolution and quantity.

How can I deliver my negatives?

You can deliver your negatives by post. Just send them to the following address:

MEDIAFIX Logistics Centre
AMCO Park, Acanthus Road
B98 9EX

Does it even make sense to have old negatives scanned?

Yes, the older your negatives are, the more it makes sense, before it is too late. Our additional services like dry cleaning or Premium-inversion via raw data can even then produce very good results.

In what file format are my digitised negatives saved?

By default we save your scanned negatives as JPG files. For special requirements we also provide saving them as TIFF files.

In what resolution are my negatives scanned?

Depending on the quality level you choose, we scan your negatives in 4,250, 5,000 or 6,200 dpi.

Do I get back a digital negative or an inverted negative?

You will get back your negatives inverted.

How should I pack up my negatives?

Envelopes or sleeves are best suitable.

Should I rather have photos scanned or negatives?

In most cases the negative is more suitable to scan, because we can then achieve a higher resolution.

Do I have to remove the paper strips off the negatives?

No! We will remove them in the scanning process.

Should I clean my negatives before I have them scanned?

We absolutely recommend a cleaning. You can either do this yourself or have it done by us professionally for a little extra charge.

Is it possible to only have selected negatives scanned?

No, basically MEDIAFIX scans all negatives on a strip.

Which photo negative formats does MEDIAFIX scan?

We scan all image media of all types. Just start a request and we will find a solution. The most common formats you can find in the overview:

Negative format Properties Price per negative
(24×36 mm)
  • the most common negative format
starting at 17p
(4×4 to 6x9mm)
  • more sharpness and higher resolution than the 35mm format
  • still popular nowadays for professional photographers
starting at 84p
(9×12 to
  • excellent image quality
  • only for highly specialised purposes, for example architecture
starting at £2.49
Minox & pocket format
  • exotic formats
  • mostly low image quality
starting at 45p
  • same film type as 35mm format
  • exposed in the classic silent film format 18x24mm
  • extended from AGFA to 24x24mm
starting at 33p
  • easier inserting into the camera
  • very popular due to its square format
starting at 45p
APS film
  • stands for Advanced Photo System
  • has a film status indicator, which avoids double exposures
starting at 25p

How does digitising at MEDIAFIX work?

Converting film negatives to digital at MEDIAFIX is so easy: Just call us at 020 3904438-0 or start a request over the contact form. Don’t forget to add the order form to your package.

IMPORTANT: Without the signed order form we are not able to process your order! You can send us your media by post. When everything is done, we will of course return your negatives..

Can I have undeveloped negatives scanned?

We do not digitise undeveloped negatives. The development of the films can be done by (photo) specialty stores. Once your negatives are developed, you can have them digitised by us.

You still have any questions concerning negative scans?

We will gladly give individual advice! Just call us or start your non-binding online request with the contact form. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. at our phone number 020 3904438-0.

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