Best results: Scanning slides with wet cleaning

Last time you viewed your slides, you were horrified to discover: your slides are dusty, have stains and the projected image is a disaster! It is clear that the sensitive slides are reaching their limits – so you want to have your slides scanned and at least save the motifs. To ensure that you get clean image files afterwards without dust grains or dirt stains, wet cleaning is the ideal additional option when scanning slides.

Very useful: cleaning slides before scanning

You might be asking yourself: why should I clean my old slides when they are being digitised? Perhaps you even plan to dispose of the slides directly after digitisation – so why clean them? The cleaning has several advantages for you:

  1. Cleaning your slides improves the image quality of the digital file. Because: During digitisation, the motif is digitised as it is. With uncleaned slides, the dust spots, streaks and other dirt residues can also be seen later. MEDIAFIX cleans the slides before they are scanned – so that dust particles and the like are removed before the digital image is created.
  2. Cleaning slides extends their life expectancy. Most people are attached to their slides and want the little frames back even after digitisation. Dust, dirt, moisture and other deposits drastically reduce the life expectancy of your slides. To ensure that the originals still have as long a life as possible after the slides have been scanned, cleaning is simply essential.
  3. The classic slide viewing evening becomes fun again. If the slide scan is more of a security backup for you and you prefer to continue viewing your slides in classic style, cleaning them will improve your experience. No more annoying spots and streaks thanks to the slide cleaning.

Wet cleaning when scanning slides

Auch die Reinigung Ihrer Dias erledigen wir mit höchster Vorsicht und Hingabe

It can hardly be avoided: Over time, the sensitive photographic material suffers from storage and environmental influences. If the motif is merely hidden under a loose layer of dust, slide cleaning can usually be done with a brush or gentle compressed air treatment. However, especially older dust, nicotine deposits or greasy dirt cannot be properly removed with this method. In this case, only wet cleaning can help. Our well-trained digitisers are aware of the enormous sensitivity of the photographic material and always treat your slides with the utmost care. Therefore, only slides that are at least protected by a glass cover are wet cleaned. For wet cleaning, a fine cotton cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol  is used. The cleaning agent dissolves even stubborn, years-old dirt and the soft fabric protects the glass cover from scratches. The result is a clear image both for classic projection and for viewing on the computer.

Cleaning slides before scanning: MEDIAFIX relieves you of a lot of work at a low price

Wet cleaning your slides makes a lot of sense, especially in case of stubborn dirt. Because: stubborn dirt is unfortunately very prominent on the motif and ruins the whole image. When digitising your slides, our scanner scans the motif in its current state – uncleaned slides therefore lead to image files with spots and streaks. To get rid of them, you would have to invest a lot of time and effort to edit the digitised images with a photo programme. Depending on the degree of soiling, this can easily take half an hour per image. Projected over several hundred slides, the image processing quickly turns into a week-long project that consumes your valuable free time. If you have your slides cleaned before scanning, you can save yourself the editing – and with it a lot of time and nerves. We charge  25p per slide for wet cleaning, which is a very good deal compared to the hours of editing you would have to invest.

Invest in clean pictures and choose wet cleaning for heavily soiled slides! This way you get image files without stains and streaks and even the classic slide evening is more fun again! Have your slides scanned today – we will provide you with a customised offer with our best-price-guarantee. Drop your memories off in person or send them to us by mail and MEDIAFIX will take care of the rest.


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