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Digitise VHS tapes with a free storage device!

Free storage deviceIt is easier to have VHS digitised by a professional than doing it yourself. Whether VHS or special formats such as VHS-C, MiniDV, Video 8, Hi8 or Digital8 – we can digitise all video cassettes – with a best price guarantee.

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Convert VHS tapes yourself or have them digitised?

The VHS cassette was developed to use at home. The material was cheap, the handling easy. Since the late 1970s, many hobby filme-maker have filmed their family events or travel experiences on VHS . But the VHS cassettes are getting old and are threatened by wear and tear. Digitising the old video cassettes is the only way to save the unique recordings.

Anyone who still finds personal recordings on video cassettes at home or has inherited them by relatives is interested in a secure way of preserving and archiving the films long term. It is indisputable that digitising VHS cassettes is the only way to save the recordings from film material decay and bring them into the digital age. But many film owners ask themselves: should they digitise their video cassettes themselves or rather have this done by a professional?

Three ways to digitise video cassettes yourself

As with many other things, it is cheaper to do it yourself. After all, there are simple devices for a wide variety of applications available for purchase today – and this is also the case in the area of video digitisation. If you want to digitise your video tapes yourself, you have three options: there are special VHS-DVD combination devices for homemade video digitisation that do not require a computer. Another option is to digitally record the film on the VHS cassette with a special camcorder.

Video-Kassetten digitalisieren
VHS tapes with recordings of your children or grandchildren can be saved by  converting them in a timely manner.


And the third frequently used method, is to use an analogue-digital converter. What sounds easy at first, however, has its pitfalls. You must be familiar with the equipment for video digitisation. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time reading instruction manuals and have to put up with some failed attempts and unsatisfactory results with your home VHS cassette digitisation. If you want to digitise video cassettes yourself, you need not only hardware knowledge but also software to turn the digitised film into a playable file.

Having your video tapes digitised – saves time & money

One quickly thinks anyone who has mastered the technology, including the software, can’t really go wrong when digitising VHS tapes. But the results are often sobering. This is because the digitised VHS tapes can only be as good as the playback and recording devices that the hobby filmmaker uses. Here, the quality is often limited by the fact that most people who want to digitise video cassettes themselves reach for affordable and thus very simple devices. Those who invest in expensive technology, however, have high expenses and, after finishing their digitisation, a number of devices they don’t need anymore.
Digitalisierte Videokassetten mit der ganzen Familie genießen!

Saving memories with MEDIAFIX

Anyone who is prepared to spend money on saving their VHS tapes anyway should think about leaving the digitisation to the professionals and at least save themselves the time and frustration of failed attempts.

We at MEDIAFIX are experienced in digitising video cassettes and are familiar with all common types of cassettes and all common formats. When you have video cassettes digitised at MEDIAFIX, you receive your digital films on a storage medium of your choice and can view the recording on your computer or TV.

Don’t hesitate any longer and save your valuable recordings from the relentless ravages of time! Have your video cassettes or cine films digitised – at MEDIAFIX, of course, with a best-price-guarantee.

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Price per tape
up to 3 tapes
4 to 10 tapes £9.99
11 to 25 tapes £8.99
26 to 50 tapes £6.99
from 51 tapes £5.99
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Prices are valid up to a duration of 90 minutes. We charge for the actual length of the recordings including gaps, not for the total capacity of the cassette.
Extra charge for extended lengths:
up to 180 minutes: 0p
up to 240 minutes:

VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, MiniDV, Digital8?
No problem, we can also convert these formats for you.

For the rewinding of your cassettes we charge 0p.

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