Digitising images: How do I pack my media to send them to MEDIAFIX for digitisation?

You have already made an online request? Then all you need to do is pack your analogue media to send it to us or drop them off locally at an access point.

Even when you drop off your media at an access point, you should pack them in a transportable way before handing them in. Normally it’s not possible to repack them on site.


Packing slides

Your old slides are stored in magazines, which are stored in boxes? Perfect – this type of storage is very suitable for shipping, because nothing can fall out and get mixed up. The boxes can be stacked well in a sturdy cardboard box, and if you then fill empty spaces with bubble wrap or newspaper, everything is safe and well packed. Your package is ready to be sent to us to digitise your slides. Your work is done – now it’s our turn!

Packing negatives

Negatives are usually stored in sleeves or paper bags. Shipping them is quite simple: well packaged and sealed so that they cannot bend or fall out, they arrive safely.

We then digitise the negatives for you. This way, your old memories are saved for the future and you can edit them and easily share them with others.

Packing photo prints

Photo prints that are to be digitised are just as unproblematic to pack as negatives. They are usually in photo bags or sleeves. These should be closed properly. Be careful, to box them in a way they can’t get bend.

MEDIAFIX can also digitise your entire photos albums. Scanning photos, that are attached to an album is no problem for us.

Packing video cassettes

Old VHS cassettes are best packed in protective cardboard or plastic sleeves, if you are not storing them in these anyway. This way, the sensitive magnetic tape will not be damaged during transport. Then it is quite easy to send the cassettes: simply stack them in boxes, fill in the blank space, fill in the order form and off you go!

Packing cine films

As with video casesettes, do not throw loose cine films into the box. Make sure that your cine films are in suitable film canisters before packing them. Otherwise, the sensitive film can suffer during transport.

Multiple packages?

You want to have so many analogue media digitised that you have to pack them into several packages? No problem! But we do have one request: please number your packages. Sometimes they arrive at our office a few days apart, and numbering them makes it much easier for us to assign the packages to the right order.

Important for digitising media: The order form

Our order form is very important: It’s where you note what exactly you are ordering from us (which media you are handing in, in what quality you would like your media to be digitised in, which additional services you wish for, etc.). Please remember to fill out the form, sign it and add it to the box with your analogue media. This way we know exactly what you are ordering from us and can take care of digitising the pictures for you.

Saving memories with MEDIAFIX

Bilder digitalisieren
The whole family will be delighted about digitised slides, negatives or photos!


Do you still have old memories in your attic or cellar that have not been digitised and are living a sad existence? Have your slides, negatives or photos scanned and save them from the ravages of time. Benefit from our best-price-guarantee at MEDIAFIX!

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