Old photos on DVD, USB drive and hard drive


Old photos on DVD, USB drive and hard drive – there are so many reasons for the digitisation of your slides, negatives or photo prints.

At MEDIAFIX you have various options for saving your digitised images. You can choose a storage medium according to your wishes. Of course, it also depends on how large your data volume is.

Save photos on DVD

Saving photos on DVD is one way to save your memories. At MEDIAFIX, your old slides, negatives or photo prints can of course also be saved on DVD. Saving pictures on DVD has the advantage that you can insert the disk directly into the DVD player at home and view your old pictures. Since we digitise all pictures in landscape format, it makes sense to add the option “picture rotation”. Otherwise the pictures you have taken in portrait format will be rotated 90 degrees on your DVD. One disadvantage of saving photos on DVD is that you cannot edit them. To edit your pictures, you first have to transfer them to your computer. After editing (e.g. rotate or retouch) your old photos, you can then burn them back onto DVD.

Old photos on USB drive / hard disk

The USB drive and the hard disk are handy alternatives to DVDs. On the one hand, they have much more storage space, so many more digitised photos can be saved on them and on the other hand, the photos can be edited and saved directly. And you can do this as often as you like! In addition, you can create new folders – which is also not possible when storing the photos on DVD – and archive your photos entirely according to your wishes.

Save memories at MEDIAFIX

Whether slides, negatives, photos, cine films or video cassettes. Whether hard disk, USB drive or DVD: MEDIAFIX digitises all your media and stores them according to your needs and wishes.

So what are you waiting for? Save your memories and have your photos scanned – at MEDIAFIX with a best-price-guarantee!

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