Presenting slides: Slide projector and video projector in comparison

Using a slide projector as in the past

Slide projectors used to be something special and state of the art. You can still use them to view slides today, as long as they still work properly. However, this way of presenting slides is very cumbersome. Someone always has to sit next to the projector and insert a new slide magazine and press the button. Since slides are stored in magazines, it often happens that images are upside down or mirrored.

But the biggest problem is: the durability of slides is limited. After just a few decades, the images develop colour casts or fade under the influence of light, heat and humidity.

Up to date: Presenting slides with a video projector or on TV

Showing slides with a video projector or on TV is the modern method. There is at least one television in almost every household and projectors are also quite common. The slide show can be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button and the pictures can be selected much more easily.

However, in order to use a video projector, the slides must be available digitally, meaning they must have been scanned. Scanning slides is not only practical for presentation, but also saves the images. Scanned slides are save from decay and can be preserved for future generations. And common storage media such as USB drives, DVDs or hard drives take up much less space than boxes full of slides.

Dias präsentieren: Zeitgemäß auf dem Fernseher

Presenting digital slides has many advantages, the most important of which we present here:

  • It’s easier to select the slides and put them in the right order for your presentation.
  • Scanned slides can be edited before showing them: Colour corrections, retouching or selected image sections are possible with simple photo editing programmes. If you don’t want to do it yourself, MEDIAFIX also offers you digital post-processing.
  • Presenting slides can be done in a logical order, for example chronologically. This is especially easy because MEDIAFIX transfers the labels of the slide magazines to the digital folders.
  • Modern technology allows to easily add music or sounds to your slide show. This way you can present your pictures in an exciting and entertaining way.
  • You can conveniently watch your slide show from the comfort of your couch. No need to sit next to the projector and operate it like in the past
  • If you want to view a picture for longer, the slide show can be conveniently paused at the touch of a button.
  • Your friends and relatives will be happy that: after the show you can share the slides or the whole slide show digitally on DVD or USB drive with everyone.

Save memories with MEDIAFIX

As you can see here are many reasons for presenting slides via video projector or TV. So don’t wait any longer and have your slides scanned before the images expire.

At MEDIAFIX you are certainly at the right place. So what are you waiting for? Save unique memories and have your slides scanned. With us with a best-price-guarantee!

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