The Super 8 post-processing

super8-digitalisierenYou found your old 8mm films stowed away in dusty boxes in the attic. On them old records from your childhood. Snapshots from the lives of your parents or even grandparents. Have your 8mm films digitised and use the 8mm film post-processing services of MEDIAFIX. For clearer impressions of unique moments.

Why should I have my 8mm films digitised?

  • Do you still own a functioning Super 8mm movie projector?
  • Do you feel like setting up the device in your living room every single time?
  • Do you know the condition of your films?
  • Do you want to allow the quality of the delicate material to deteriorate further over time?
  • Do you even remember what is documented on each roll of cine film?
  • Do you really want to risk having to dispose of your memories in the long run?


If you answered  “no” to one or multiple of these questions, you should have your 8mm films digitised. Because it’s really true: in the 21st century, the projectors are sadly outdated. Living rooms are equipped with tablets, Kindles, DVD players and smart TVs. In short: digital technology has conquered our lives in many aspects and replaced analogue media. And 8mm films? We have to admit the  cans with the film reels give off a nostalgic charm, but barelay anyone still hase any use for them. So what to do with the recordings, which may well date back to the 1960s? Throw them away? It would be really sad to simply dispose the unique recordings of your family history. But cine films are particularly vulnerable to ageing. The film tapes are extremely sensitive and in the worst case can even develop the vinegar syndrome. Often older 8mm films already show clear signs of ageing such as fading, colour casts, dust or scratches.

Reduces signs of aging: The 8mm film post-processing

That’s where 8mm film post-processing comes in handy! It ensures that even old 8mm films become pleasurable to watch again.

8mm film post-processing

With post-processing, we get the maximum out of your cine films. It includes a significant reduction of scratches, dust spots, film noise and optimises image stabilisation. Post-processing of your 8mm film is available for £1.99 per minute.

  • Image stabilisation
  • Dust and scratch correction
  • Tonal value, contrast and colour adjustments
  • Minimisation of film grain
  • Elimination of image noise
  • Sharpening of the image


Please note: With the 8mm post-processing, we can optimise the quality of average to well-preserved film material. Post-processing is not recommended for heavily damaged material, as satisfactory results can no longer be achieved here either. For example, strong colour casts cannot be corrected.

The right mix for a perfect result

To ensure that the 8mm film post-processing can unfold its full effect, an additional WETGATE cleaning is also recommended. This involves running the cine film through a cleaning bath immediately before digitisation, which significantly reduces dirt and also ensures that scratches on the film surface are evened out during film scanning. WETGATE cleaning can be booked from £1.95 per reel (depending on length). In order for you to more easily navigate your 8mm film on DVD, we to add a professional menu for an additional £5.00 per film. This allows you to choose between individual chapters.

Digitising cine films at MEDIAFIX

MEDIAFIX digitises your 8mm films. With our post-processing, we improve the quality of your digitised cine film – and that with a best-price-guarantee – after all, we can digitise cine films for as little as £9.99, saved on DVD.

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